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We offer unique jams, natural juices from the garden’s citrus fruits, and cool refreshments or hot drinks. Also available are various kinds of traditional deserts or savory from traditional recipes of Kampos, Chios.



Kampos (plain) is an area of unique beauty, a quiet place to stay. The large and diverse market of the island is next to it. It is an ideal place both for tourism and for an intimate starting point for touring and discovering the island. If you really wish to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city, then you have to visit Chios, and choose "Krini" in Kampos! It has been described as "an area of the highest natural beauty" and it is unique in Europe. It lies south of the town of Chios and it is almost flat and covered by a dense network of small roads. Most of the land is planted with citrus trees. The image of Kampos is unique and bears no resemblance to the other Aegean islands. This fertile area of the island has been inhabited since the 14th century, during the Genoese occupation of the island.

The Genovese, who organized economy and trade of mastic with modern methods, started the systematic cultivation and export trade of citrus fruits in Kampos. The aristocratic families of Chios began to build their luxurious summer homes in the area. Features of these homes include the strict outlines on the outside, with high walls and imposing arched gateways. Behind the tall and forbidding walls, each property has its own little world. They’re usually two-storied, rarely three-storied, comfortable houses, with open views from all sides, large external staircases, elaborately decorated spacious courtyards, either tiled or "embroidered" with pebbles, shady trees, magnificent flower gardens, draw- wells for watering the garden, marble cisterns with pergolas or arbors.

Such a "living" example of the era is the land where “Krini” is located. Today the estate (also known as "Valtikoudiko" from the name of its first owner) belongs to the family of Captain Giannis and Katerina Dimitriadis and the name “Krini” comes from the precious marble fountain that adorns the courtyard of the main residence. The house is a 17th century mansion with the classic features of the flourishing architecture of the time. Any damage was caused by time and the great earthquake of Chios in 1881. Some are later additions, but they haven’t change anything of its original form. Next to this building there is another smaller one, used for storing and packing of citrus fruit for export trade. This is "Krini" and for the foreigners... "Villa - Krini".




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Villa Krini Rooms

Aikaterini dimitriadi

Vitiadou 6, Kampos
Χίος Τ.Κ. 82100

Tel: +30 22710 31317

Mob: +30 6976861558

Mob 2: +30 6977004038

E-mail: krinirooms@gmail.com

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