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We offer unique jams, natural juices from the garden’s citrus fruits, and cool refreshments or hot drinks. Also available are various kinds of traditional deserts or savory from traditional recipes of Kampos, Chios.


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Η ιστορία του Ρουκετοπόλεμου

Ο Ρουκετοπόλεμος έχει τις ρίζες του στις τελευταίες δεκαετίες της Τουρκοκρατίας. Οι ενορίτες των δυο αντικριστών εκκλησιών, του Αγίου Μάρκου και της Παναγιάς Ερυθιανής, αντάλλασαν τη βραδιά της Ανάστασης βολές με κανονάκια. Αυτά τα έφερναν οι ναυτικοί από εμπορικά πλοία, που παροπλίζονταν. Τα έστηναν στους αυλόγυρους των ναών, τα γέμιζαν με 1-2 οκάδες χοντρή πυρίτιδα και από εκεί βαρούσαν την ώρα της Αναστάσεως, προσπαθώντας με τον κρότο να σπάσουν τα τζάμια των απέναντι.

Το 1889 άναψαν τόσο τα αίματα, που άρχισαν να ξηλώνουν τις λιλαδωτές αυλές για να γεμίζουν τα κανόνια και να επιτεθούν με βότσαλα εναντίον του «εχθρού». Οι Τούρκοι, βλέποντας τα αληθινά πυρά, κατέσχεσαν τα κανονάκια, φοβούμενοι μια γενικότερη εξέγερση της Χίου.....


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Chios Museums

The major museums of the island are:
● Archaeological Museum. Located near the port. Among the exhibits is a letter of Alexander the Great to the people of Chios. Also excavation findings from Emporios, Kato Fana, Agio Gala and others.
● Byzantine museum. Located on the central square "Vounaki”. Old Ottoman mosque.
● Museum Ioustiniani. Located in the Castle of Chios, near the main gate. On exhibit: Byzantine frescos, Post-Byzantine icons, Byzantine sculptures.
● The Korai Library (one of the largest in Greece), inside which the Argenti Museum of Ethnology and Folklore is housed.
● The Naval Museum. It covers an important gap in the maritime history of the island.
● The Castle of Chios. It was built by the Byzantines as a fortress and it was extended by the Genoese in the 14th century. When the Turks conquered Chios in the 16th century, they added other buildings inside the Castle.
● The Monastery of Agios Mina, where in 1822, during the Massacre of Chios, over 3000 people were slaughtered inside the monastery by the Turks. Today the monastery is a national monument.
● Nea Moni (New Monastery) with the Byzantine mosaics. Built in the 11th century by the Byzantine Emperor Constantine IX, Monomachos. One of the most beautiful Byzantine monasteries in Greece.
● "Citrus, memory scent”. A modern museum, which refers to Kampos and in particular the cultivation of citrus fruit and the wealth they brought to the island's economy. 

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Top 10 of Chios

In addition to your holidays in Chios you can visit:
City of Chios,Museums, Castle, Adamantios Korais Library.
Castle villagesPirgi with its unique "ksista" (sgraffito), Olympi with the famous cave, one of the largest and finest in the Aegean with stalactites and stalagmites. Mesta, a medieval village completely restored and beautiful!
Nea Moni Byzantine monastery of the 11th century, with wonderful mosaics.
Anavatos the Souli of Chios.
Volissós with the picturesque castle.
Siderounda for the wonderful sunset.
Unique beaches with crystal clear waters, throughout the island.
The unique flora of Chios mastic trees, Raki, original wild tulips, self-sown orchids in many species.
“Rouketopolemos”, Rocket War” (Spectacular!!) Easter custom in Vrontados. There one can also find Homer’s Stone, where the poet sat taught his disciples.
Kamposbeautiful, magical, serene plain, with citrus, its narrow streets, its magnificent mansions, signs of wealth and prosperity of the people in the past. We are also there, waiting to welcome you to "Krini".

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Entertainment from kambos chios

● Kampos is the ideal place to walk through its complex, labyrinthine, enigmatic and mysterious streets.

● The good condition of the road network allows the use of cars. If you do not have your own car, there are several car and motor-bike rentals at good prices.

● The beaches, numerous and blue, are suitable for all kinds of activities, swimming, sea games, fishing, thalassotherapy, etc. There is a Diving Centre and boats and water sports items rentals. There are also thermal baths in Agiasmata (Keramos beach in northern Chios).

● For the gourmands, there are all over the island countless restaurants with Greek and international cuisine, fish taverns, traditional taverns, ouzo, pizza, fast food, snack bars, BBQ etc.

● For the lovers of nightlife you will find many bars, café bars and night clubs, offering entertainment until dawn. During the summer months there are also traditional festivals in the villages where fun lasts until sunrise.

● Among the entertainment there are travels to the islands Oinousses - Psara, but also to the neighboring Turkey (daily transport from the ports of Chios - Cesme).

● From our side, we can willingly suggest you and give you any information you will need on attractions and entertainment places in our island since there are infinite places to explore and be entertained.

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What we suggest

We suggest the following, concentrated summer, weekly schedule:


Daily after the breakfast in "Krini", departure to…

✔ Day 1: Armolia, Pyrgi, Emporio / Swimming: Mavros Gialos or Vroulidia or Komi beach / Food: Emporio or Komi or Ai Giannis Lilikas. ✔ Day 2: Olympi cave / Swimming: Agia Dynami or Kato Fana, Mesta / Swimming: Apothika or Trahilia / Food: Mesta or Mesta Port. ✔ Day 3: Nea Moni, Anavatos, Avgonima / Swimming: Lithi or Elinda / Food: Lithi beach.

✔ Day 4: Sidirounda, Volissos, Limia / Swimming: Limnos or Lefkathia or Agia Markella / Food: Agia Markella or Limia

✔ Day 5: Daskalopetra, Langada, Kardamyla / Swimming: Nagos or Giosonas / Food: Pytios.

✔ Day 6: Stay all day on a beach of your choice while enjoying the sea!

✔ Day 7: In Chora (Chios town). When you're in the town of Chios.... Start your day with a Greek coffee, accompanied by a "submarine" (ypovrichio) or a local citrus fruit juice, in one of the harbor cafes or the central square (Vounaki). Going shopping in the picturesque market of the island you will find the island's traditional products such as sweets from small family industries, the traditional ouzo "APALARINA”, pure honey, chewing gum and mastic products, dairy products such as the famous Mastelo etc.


Following the program that we suggested you, it is sure that we will have the pleasure to have you back with us to admire the other, unexplored parts of our island. We thank you and are waiting for you!

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