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We offer unique jams, natural juices from the garden’s citrus fruits, and cool refreshments or hot drinks. Also available are various kinds of traditional deserts or savory from traditional recipes of Kampos, Chios.


Top 10 of Chios

In addition to your holidays in Chios you can visit:
City of Chios,Museums, Castle, Adamantios Korais Library.
Castle villagesPirgi with its unique "ksista" (sgraffito), Olympi with the famous cave, one of the largest and finest in the Aegean with stalactites and stalagmites. Mesta, a medieval village completely restored and beautiful!
Nea Moni Byzantine monastery of the 11th century, with wonderful mosaics.
Anavatos the Souli of Chios.
Volissós with the picturesque castle.
Siderounda for the wonderful sunset.
Unique beaches with crystal clear waters, throughout the island.
The unique flora of Chios mastic trees, Raki, original wild tulips, self-sown orchids in many species.
“Rouketopolemos”, Rocket War” (Spectacular!!) Easter custom in Vrontados. There one can also find Homer’s Stone, where the poet sat taught his disciples.
Kamposbeautiful, magical, serene plain, with citrus, its narrow streets, its magnificent mansions, signs of wealth and prosperity of the people in the past. We are also there, waiting to welcome you to "Krini".

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Villa Krini Rooms

Aikaterini dimitriadi

Vitiadou 6, Kampos
Χίος Τ.Κ. 82100

Tel: +30 22710 31317

Mob: +30 6976861558

Mob 2: +30 6977004038

E-mail: krinirooms@gmail.com

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